DiscoverSTEM founders
honored with the prestigious
George Washington Honor Medal
- a US National award.
Stellar Work in STEM & Innovation
Education gets Recognized by
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Research Labs with Futuristic
Technologies for Students
Access to the World’s Most Advanced and
Powerful Technologies across Domains
Our Students Develop Innovations
of National Security Importance
Six innovations made by 55 Students were evaluated by
US Federal Agencies on recommendation from the US Patent Office.
Automated Self-Disinfecting
Door Handle System
DiscoverSTEM Students Develop & Commercialize their
Unique Innovation to Contain the Spread of Virus & Bacteria

How many STEM programs have you heard of,
which transforms 10-year-olds into inventors?

320+ Kids aged 10-18 years
from DiscoverSTEM
have filed
patents for their innovations

Imagine your child innovating solutions to
some of the world’s biggest problems…

How many STEM programs have you heard of,
which can turn your child into a prodigy?

57 Kids from DiscoverSTEM have
won International Innovation Competitions, 3 listed among ’25 under 25 Most Innovative Kids’ in their region
Imagine your child impacting billions
by their futuristic innovations

How many STEM programs have you heard of,
which directly impact scholarships and selection in top universities?

Almost 85%* of DiscoverSTEM Students have
secured some sort of scholarships and many have been accepted in top institutes like Harvard, Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley & Rice University
Imagine your child be in the elite list of top 0.2% of the
World population by innovating patentable solutions

How many STEM programs have you heard of,
whose students get featured on leading media publications?

60+ DiscoverSTEM Students
have featured on National & International
Media for their innovations & achievements

Imagine your child being acknowledged by
the entire World for their innovative solutions

How many programs have you heard of,
which take a passionate individual and turn them into a CEO?

DiscoverSTEM 20,000 sq.ft. Business Incubation Center
has all the facilities under one roof for our young ‘entrepreneurs’ to take an amazing idea and launch it into a successful business.
Imagine your child giving shape to startups with complete support from seed funding to product design & prototyping to patent filing & marketing.



Welcome to DiscoverSTEM

Nurturing Prodigies

DiscoverSTEM creates Wunderkind! We nurture a child’s inborn capability to think outside-of-the-box, empower them with logical thinking and critical analysis skills and them challenge them to solve world’s toughest problems.

Inspiring Innovation

We pride ourselves in providing the right conditioning and stimuli for children to capitalize on their creative thinking. While children learn nuances of innovation, we also mentor parents to develop an ‘innovation culture’ at home.

Launching Startups

We have developed a startup ecosystem for children to transform their ideas and solutions to market-ready commercial innovations. From raising funds to company formation, our students get complete & complimentary support in forming their startups.

Expert Mentors

Exclusive access to Innovation Facilitators and Panel of Experts who dedicate their time in enhancing the intellectual abilities of growing minds. They mentor students and challenge them towards logical thinking and critical analysis.



Summer Innovation Program

4-week foundation course with 8 modules for budding innovators offered during summer break

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DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program

6-8 month course to mentor students to think like an innovator and develop novel & patentable solutions.

Ivy League Mentorship

4-year long-term course to nurture a child into a seasoned innovator, develop their skills and profile for college admissions

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DiscoverSTEM Entrepreneurship Program

Seed-funded 2-year entrepreneur program to nurture entrepreneurs,
helping them launch startups and commercialize innovations

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