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Over the last couple of years, our young innovators have been generating great ideas that can positively impact the world. But what good an idea will do by staying on paper & patents, and not get commercialized?

Many of our students want to launch their startups and commercialize their innovation. So, we’ve gone ahead and developed an ecosystem of partners worldwide, which include Business Mentors, Technology Mentors, Management Consultants, Product Designers, Product Prototyping firms, Manufacturers, Packagers, Marketing & Promotion firms, Shipping firms, Clearing & Forwarding Agencies, CPA and Attorneys among others.

We’ve taken care of everything to launch an idea into the market. All we need are bright and promising individuals to pick up an idea and run their company. What’s more, over and above, we provide a seed capital between $10,000/- to $30,000/- per startup to kickstart their business.

To summarize, DiscoverSTEM teaches what is missing even in the best management schools in the world; launch and run your own company! Additionally, by the time you finish college, you may end up owning a successful business enterprise!