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Program and Teams

In this program, we are mentoring our students to ‘THINK’, ‘ANALYZE’, ‘EVALUATE’, ‘CREATE’ and ‘INNOVATE’. They learn to identify real-world problems and innovate patentable STEM solutions to these problems. Different programs are designed with different philosophies in mind, ranging from introduction to Innovative thought processes to nurturing expert innovators who can mentor others to innovate. Our entrepreneurship program is designed to nurture the ‘Steve Jobs’ and ‘Bill Gates’ of the future, wherein we mentor them to take an idea and launch it into the market as a product.

We offer a range of programs with different duration. While DiscoverSTEM SIP lasts for four weeks, our other program ILM runs for four years. For more information, please check our program pages.

This program is designed to create innovators and problem solvers. Every week, kids spend merely 2 hours with us and the rest 166 hours with their parents. We depend a lot on parents and guide them from time to time to assist their children in thinking and ideating and creating an innovation culture at home. We have observed kids whose parents are involved do better than those who aren’t, and therefore parent involvement is encouraged.

To enable parents to develop an ‘innovation culture’ at home, we regularly conduct training sessions, guiding them on how to challenge their child’s intellectual capabilities.

As of now, we offer In-Person courses from our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab located in Plano, Texas (USA). We also offer online courses without any geographical limitations. We’ve successfully mentored kids from Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India, Canada, and several states in the USA.

We encourage you to recommend your friends and families to apply. However, admission to the program (except Summer Innovation Program) is by selection only. If your friends are also selected, you may form a team. This is on the condition that the requirement of a minimum size of 8 and a maximum size of 12 students per team is met.


Step 1: Send us your interest to join the program by clicking here.
Step 2: We’ll schedule information and a Q&A session where we will give more details about the program and answer your questions. The information session is followed by a tour of our Innovation Lab. The kid and parent must attend to proceed.
Step 3: If you meet our eligibility criteria and are also interested to join this program, we’ll send the Application Form and schedule the selection test.
Step 4: Please fill out the application form and attend our very interesting selection
test along with your parents and siblings. The selection test comprises of:

i. Left and Right brain coordination test (3-minutes)
ii. Learning curve test (3-minutes)
iii. Creativity & family innovation culture test (10-minutes)
iv. Abstract, Forward & Backward Thinking test (10 minutes)
v. Interview (10-minutes)

Step 5: If you make it to our merit list, we’ll inform you via email and text message to allot you a seat! You may now start your journey to be our next young inventor!

We normally accept kids between 10-18 years for SIP, DIP, and ILM. For DEP, we only accept high school and college students. Sometimes, we may make exemptions to accept younger kids based on their performance.

After DiscoverSTEM

The selection rate at some of the best universities in the world is approximately 5 percent. Every applicant is competing to be in that slot. Now consider the fact that only 0.2 percent of the world population has patents/innovations to their name. This stellar achievement speaks for an applicant and adds a significant differentiator to their profile. No wonder, approximately 85 percent of our students get some sort of scholarship for their college and many of them are accepted into top universities, including IVY league schools. 

Yes. Since we work with our students for months and observe various aspects of their personalities while they’re going through their innovation course, we’re in a good position to write a recommendation letter if requested.

Of course! Every innovation is evaluated for its commercial potential by our business experts. If innovation is found to be commercially viable, you may join our DiscoverSTEM Entrepreneurship Program (DEP) to learn the nitty-gritty of product launch and launch your start-up along with the assigned team. For more details, please see our DEP program.

Innovation and Patents

This program teaches our students to innovate. Approximately 90% of our students end up innovating something patentable, however, we do NOT guarantee an innovation in this program. The fee is not paid for filing ‘patents’ either. We offer COMPLIMENTARY filing of patent applications if we so choose at our discretion (through our internal or third-party resources) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore, the fee is not returnable.

Yes. Your child will be automatically listed and named as a co-inventor provided he/she meets the following conditions.

  1. They have contributed to at least one claim of the innovation.
  2. They have attended a minimum of 85% of the sessions.
  3. Their program fees are paid up to date when filing a patent application.  

An attorney might charge between $15,000 – $20,000 for filing a patent application, depending on the system’s complexity to be patented. One patent application per team (of 8-12 members) might be offered COMPLIMENTARY by DiscoverSTEM after evaluating that team came up with a patentable innovation. We use the internal or third-party resources we choose at our discretion to file patents, and our responsibility ceases once we apply for a patent with USPTO. Filing a complimentary patent application is solely at our discretion.

The patent is granted by respective patent offices of different countries and DiscoverSTEM has no control in the grant of the patent. The grant, therefore, is not guaranteed by DiscoverSTEM. Our responsibility ceases once we apply for a patent.

While team members will be listed as co-inventor, the patent is ‘assigned to’ and owned by Innowaytors LLC, its partners, its subsidiaries, or any other entity we decide. Parents must sign a separate ‘Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement’ on behalf of their child while applying to DiscoverSTEM programs.

Yes. Mentor(s) are a part of the team guiding students towards innovation and in generating the ‘Intellectual Property’.

We will file ONE complimentary patent application with USPTO per team of 8-12 students. Each team member and mentor/s are named as co-inventors in this application, based on their contribution. As per the US patent laws, if a child does not contribute to innovation/patent claims satisfactorily, his/her name will not be added to the patent application as a co-inventor. We take team members’ input and our observations to make this decision. Participation in the program does NOT guarantee a name in the patent application as a co-inventor.

We file only ONE complimentary patent application at our discretion. If the team comes up with more than one innovation, parents may file it at their own cost. DiscoverSTEM or Innowaytors LLC may file another patent application if requested, and parents will have to reimburse the cost as agreed before filing.

Students and parents must work with a mentor and assigned patent attorneys to present their ideas/innovations with rough drawings, illustrations, explanations, etc., within four weeks of completion of the program, without which the patent application may not be filed.

All patents are to be assigned to Innowaytors LLC or its partners or its subsidiaries or any other entity we decide. In case any innovation is commercialized, team members may be offered a 2% royalty on revenue (earned through direct commercialization, royalty, or any other means), to be equally distributed by the entire team. This royalty lasts for a lifetime of innovation in the market (as long as it is generating revenue for us). In case of any contradictions, the terms agreed on in the ‘Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement’ shall prevail.

Tuition, Fees, and Scholarship

We’ve different programs ranging from $1,000/- to $7,500/year.

Our non-profit arm DiscoverSTEM Foundation normally sponsors 10% – 100% fees for kids whose parents’ combined income is less than $65,000/year or who have any other special circumstances. Kids of serving or ex-Police and US Armed Forces officers are ALWAYS offered 100% scholarship, irrespective of parent’s family income, with a cap of 3% of our total intake in each program.

The program fees cover only the program cost. If your child’s team comes up with a patentable innovation, at our discretion, we may file a COMPLIMENTARY patent application. 

Hisham Ahmad - CMO

I am a 14-year-old freshman attending Brighter Horizons Academy in Garland, Texas. I have extensive experience with marketing, as I have been a part of various companies and mentorships. I graduated from the DiscoverStem program, allowing new doors to open up for me, and change the way I see things. The DiscoverStem program has also given me more experience with concepts such as patents, invention, and innovation, as well as inspiration to use these skills to help the world around us.

DiscoverSTEM founders Mirza Rizwan and Mirza Faizan have made history by becoming the first Indian to win the coveted George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation – USA.

Started in 1949 by former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Freedoms Foundation honors exceptional contributions of Americans towards communities in the USA. Generally reserved for the US citizens, the awarding organization made an exception to recognize the stellar research work and its impact of India’s Mr. Rizwan in designing and implementing a unique STEM & Innovation program for American children, thereby revolutionizing the education system in the USA.

Few of the other notable non-US citizens who have received George Washington Honor Medal include Ms. Margaret Thatcher (Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom), Lech Walesa (Former President of Poland and Noble Prize winner) and world-renowned Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As the latest recipients of this prestigious honor, Mirza brothers join historically acclaimed group of citizens whose work and dedication advance the American ideals, the award letter says.

Some of the distinguished US citizens who have received this award for their stellar contributions in their field are Walt Disney, Astronauts Sally Ride and John Glenn, Capt. Sully Sullenberger, Athletes like Arthur Ashe, George Foreman and Tiger Woods and famous US educator Jaime Escalante.