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DiscoverSTEM Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to helping underprivileged, deprived, and deserving children through scholarships and other financial aid.

DiscoverSTEM Foundation, an arm of DiscoverSTEM emerged out of our inherent and long-standing desire of seeing children innovate and bring their ideas to reality, and in the process make a positive impact on our communities, our country, and the World at large. However, for many children, getting access to top-quality education remains a distant dream. 

Running state-of-the-art research and innovation labs, mentoring our students for innovation, and filing patent applications for patentable ideas are costly affairs. However, we want every passionate young kid of ours to have access to these facilities without worrying about finances. We help our young geniuses overcome this hurdle by assisting at every possible stage so that they focus on their innovation and realize their true potential.

The DiscoverSTEM Foundation is our attempt to bring all our financial assistance, scholarships, donations, and other activities under one umbrella. This formal structure will streamline our efforts, formalize a proper structure, and develop a dedicated channel to seek aid and distribute it further to deserving children.

Since 2016, DiscoverSTEM has come forth to support 145 deserving students
(81 boys and 64 girls) who had financial constraints to attend our programs Adhering to our philosophy of not leaving any deserving child behind, so far, we have granted USD 785,468 in full/partial scholarships to our young innovators.

Here are some of the other ways how DiscoverSTEM Foundation has been at the forefront when it comes to assisting children and helping them with scholarships.

STEM & Innovation Education - FREE

We take great pride in our vision of making a positive impact in students’ lives. At DiscoverSTEM, we are keen to empower students with distinct capabilities and help them capitalize on their talent and deliver breakthrough innovations. Aligning with our commitment, we extend our support to students who face financial constraints.
  • We offer 10% to 100% scholarships to students whose parent’s combined annual income is less than $65,000.
  • Every year up to 25% of students are offered scholarships to pursue their innovation spirit.
  • We also take into account any special circumstances of parents & students and try to support them with as much assistance as we can.
  • In honor of their service and contribution to our communities, we ALWAYS offer 100% scholarship to the children of first responders, current & ex-Police, and US Armed Forces Officers, irrespective of parent’s family income, with a cap of 3% of our total intake in each program.

Filing of Patent for Student's Innovation - Complimentary

DiscoverSTEM program is all about innovation. Our students go through engaging and rigorous training to come up with patentable solutions. Over the years, we have noticed that approximately 90% of our students end up innovating something patentable.
Under DiscoverSTEM Foundation, we will file ONE complimentary patent application with USPTO per team of 6-10 students only. The filing of patents is not a straightforward process and requires comprehensive documentation and technical know-how for getting approvals.

We help our students with all the assistance and resources needed to file patents. Our affiliations and past experience come in extremely handy to complete the documentation process and successfully filing for patents.

Seed Funding of up to
$30,000 to launch innovation-based start-ups

At DiscoverSTEM, we believe that innovation without commercialization is just a half-baked cake. Our focus lies in rolling out the innovation for public/community use and solving real-world problems. In that pursuit, we go beyond helping our students find innovative & patentable solutions and provide a seed fund to launch their innovation into full-fledged start-ups.

Under the DiscoverSTEM foundation, we provide a seed fund of up to $30,000 to help our students commercialize their innovation, launch start-ups, and drive forward an innovation-based economy that helps our communities and country at large.

Office Infrastructure – Complimentary

Innovations, patents, and start-ups demand a lot of research, analysis, brainstorming, collaboration, and execution. We provide FREE office space to the ‘DiscoverSTEM Entrepreneurship Program’ students to enable them to launch their start-ups to commercialize their innovations.

DiscoverSTEM Foundation supports students by providing adequate space, IT infrastructure, tools, and ancillary services to help them find and file patentable solutions. The foundation aims to leave no stone unturned to increase the competency and productivity of our students by providing all the infrastructure assistance needed to get patents, commercialize innovation, and launch start-ups.

FREE CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Support for their startup

Commercializing an innovation is not a straightforward task. It involves the incorporation of start-ups, handling taxes to meeting statutory requirements and legal compliances – all of which can be complex ad several entrepreneurs end up getting overwhelmed. At DiscoverSTEM, through our affiliated resources, take care of these by providing FREE CPA support to our ‘Entrepreneurship’ students. All they need to do is to focus on turning their idea into a million-dollar business.

FREE Legal Support for their startup

A start-up is a serious business venture that can have a profound impact on the founder’s future. It is important to safeguard the interest of the founder, team members, and associated people to ensure minimum risks.

At DiscoverSTEM, we provide all the requisite legal assistance and consultation to our students for their start-ups for FREE. From company formation & documentation to various agreements, contracts, and other legal compliance, we ensure that our students receive the best legal advice and counseling for their start-ups.

FREE Mentoring by Distinguished & Dedicated Panel of Experts, Business Mentors, Technology Mentors & Management Consultant

No startup founder, entrepreneur, or inventor can work independently and successfully commercialize an innovation. At every step of the journey, some assistance, valuable input, practical tips, or supervision is needed.
The DiscoverSTEM Foundation ensures that our students receive the best of mentorship from seasoned professionals across business, technology, and management domains. They help navigate our students in their innovation journey and avoid potential pitfalls. Our experienced mentors become the most powerful asset of our students and play a pivotal role by investing their time and giving them valuable inputs on a regular basis.

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Help children redefine our future through their innovations

Hisham Ahmad - CMO

I am a 14-year-old freshman attending Brighter Horizons Academy in Garland, Texas. I have extensive experience with marketing, as I have been a part of various companies and mentorships. I graduated from the DiscoverStem program, allowing new doors to open up for me, and change the way I see things. The DiscoverStem program has also given me more experience with concepts such as patents, invention, and innovation, as well as inspiration to use these skills to help the world around us.

DiscoverSTEM founders Mirza Rizwan and Mirza Faizan have made history by becoming the first Indian to win the coveted George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation – USA.

Started in 1949 by former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Freedoms Foundation honors exceptional contributions of Americans towards communities in the USA. Generally reserved for the US citizens, the awarding organization made an exception to recognize the stellar research work and its impact of India’s Mr. Rizwan in designing and implementing a unique STEM & Innovation program for American children, thereby revolutionizing the education system in the USA.

Few of the other notable non-US citizens who have received George Washington Honor Medal include Ms. Margaret Thatcher (Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom), Lech Walesa (Former President of Poland and Noble Prize winner) and world-renowned Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As the latest recipients of this prestigious honor, Mirza brothers join historically acclaimed group of citizens whose work and dedication advance the American ideals, the award letter says.

Some of the distinguished US citizens who have received this award for their stellar contributions in their field are Walt Disney, Astronauts Sally Ride and John Glenn, Capt. Sully Sullenberger, Athletes like Arthur Ashe, George Foreman and Tiger Woods and famous US educator Jaime Escalante.