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UVSET: Self-Disinfecting Door Handle Mechanism to Prevent COVID-19 Spread


Hisham Ahmad Founder
Hisham Ahmad
Manish Rangan CEO UVSET
Manish Rangan
Aiman Khan
Humza Sheikh
Vihan Yerubandi


Spread of COVID-19 infection through door handles.


The University of Arizona conducted research in which they concluded that if there is an infected door handle in a mid-size office with 500 employees, it will take 2-4 hours for the infection to spread among 80 percent of employees.

This fact inspired DiscoverSTEM’s young innovators to design a system to disinfect surfaces, including door handles, doorbells, and lift button panels.

DiscoverSTEM Students from Entrepreneurship Program came together to form a team, launch their startup, and commercialize this innovation. These high-school students were able to secure funding from Kubera Capital, a Texas-based Venture Capital firm in February 2022.


To be launched soon.


Patent pending at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and India Patent Office.



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Manish Rangan - CEO

I am a 16 year old Junior at Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas. I recently graduated out of the DiscoverStem program, one which has seen many young innovators emerge with patents. The new and unique approach to innovation and thinking that I received from the year long experience has set my sights on something bigger — understanding the customer pain points, think big to innovate, legitimizing that innovation to a product and change the world for good.

Aiman Khan - COO

I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree and pursuing my masters at the University of North Texas in Mechanical Engineering Technology and additionally, I received a Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering Technologies. From my education, I have learned the technical skills to be utilized in the industry. My passion and purpose in life remains in learning and applying product design and development to solve greater problems in life for humans.

Humza Sheikh - CTO

I am a 16 year old sophomore at Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas. I am a recent graduate of the DiscoverStem program, one in which students are exposed to the processes of design and are able to obtain a patent. The unique approach I have gained from DiscoverStem, and other programs throughout my academic career have given me an outlook on life that motivates me to take an holistic approach to help others in the ways I am able.

Vihan Yerubandi - CFO

I am a 16-year-old Junior at Carroll Senior Highschool in Southlake, Texas. Being in DiscoverSTEM opened up my eyes to a whole new way of looking at real-world problems and making an impact in the world through innovation. DiscoverSTEM enabled me to traverse from ideation to innovation by collectively brainstorming and collaborating with like-minded individuals. Throughout my life, I have been interested in many things such as reading books, interacting with people, learning about new cultures and DiscoverSTEM has added one more interest called Innovation to that ever-growing list.

Hisham Ahmad - CMO

I am a 14-year-old freshman attending Brighter Horizons Academy in Garland, Texas. I have extensive experience with marketing, as I have been a part of various companies and mentorships. I graduated from the DiscoverStem program, allowing new doors to open up for me, and change the way I see things. The DiscoverStem program has also given me more experience with concepts such as patents, invention, and innovation, as well as inspiration to use these skills to help the world around us.

DiscoverSTEM founders Mirza Rizwan and Mirza Faizan have made history by becoming the first Indian to win the coveted George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation – USA.

Started in 1949 by former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Freedoms Foundation honors exceptional contributions of Americans towards communities in the USA. Generally reserved for the US citizens, the awarding organization made an exception to recognize the stellar research work and its impact of India’s Mr. Rizwan in designing and implementing a unique STEM & Innovation program for American children, thereby revolutionizing the education system in the USA.

Few of the other notable non-US citizens who have received George Washington Honor Medal include Ms. Margaret Thatcher (Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom), Lech Walesa (Former President of Poland and Noble Prize winner) and world-renowned Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As the latest recipients of this prestigious honor, Mirza brothers join historically acclaimed group of citizens whose work and dedication advance the American ideals, the award letter says.

Some of the distinguished US citizens who have received this award for their stellar contributions in their field are Walt Disney, Astronauts Sally Ride and John Glenn, Capt. Sully Sullenberger, Athletes like Arthur Ashe, George Foreman and Tiger Woods and famous US educator Jaime Escalante.