US Patent Granted: Apparatus and method to clean garbage from water bodies

Press Release

Innovation Title:
Apparatus and method to clean garbage from water bodies.

Name and Age of Inventors (at the time of innovation):
Yumna Syeda Ali Shah (16)
Nimra Syeda Ali Shah (14)
Bilal Syed Ali Shah (11)

Problem Statement:
The proliferation of garbage in water bodies presents a dire environmental crisis, inflicting substantial harm on marine ecosystems. The imperative need of the hour is an autonomous AI-powered garbage cleaner. This technological solution is essential to effectively mitigate the detrimental effects of aquatic pollution, preserve marine life, and safeguard our planet’s delicate aquatic environments.

About the Innovation:
Young inventors from DiscoverSTEM have designed an innovative solution that filters out the large and small contaminants in the water in order to help preserve the natural quality of the water and protect its natural habitat and wildlife.
This innovation has a three-stage filtration system. This innovative and automated filter is designed to remove all large contaminants from the water, such as plastic bags and bottles.

Patent Certificate:

US Patent Grant Date:
August 16, 2022

United States Patent Publication Number:

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Hisham Ahmad - CMO

I am a 14-year-old freshman attending Brighter Horizons Academy in Garland, Texas. I have extensive experience with marketing, as I have been a part of various companies and mentorships. I graduated from the DiscoverStem program, allowing new doors to open up for me, and change the way I see things. The DiscoverStem program has also given me more experience with concepts such as patents, invention, and innovation, as well as inspiration to use these skills to help the world around us.

DiscoverSTEM founders Mirza Rizwan and Mirza Faizan have made history by becoming the first Indian to win the coveted George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation – USA.

Started in 1949 by former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Freedoms Foundation honors exceptional contributions of Americans towards communities in the USA. Generally reserved for the US citizens, the awarding organization made an exception to recognize the stellar research work and its impact of India’s Mr. Rizwan in designing and implementing a unique STEM & Innovation program for American children, thereby revolutionizing the education system in the USA.

Few of the other notable non-US citizens who have received George Washington Honor Medal include Ms. Margaret Thatcher (Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom), Lech Walesa (Former President of Poland and Noble Prize winner) and world-renowned Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As the latest recipients of this prestigious honor, Mirza brothers join historically acclaimed group of citizens whose work and dedication advance the American ideals, the award letter says.

Some of the distinguished US citizens who have received this award for their stellar contributions in their field are Walt Disney, Astronauts Sally Ride and John Glenn, Capt. Sully Sullenberger, Athletes like Arthur Ashe, George Foreman and Tiger Woods and famous US educator Jaime Escalante.